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my mom like it very much…thats why 5 out of 5.

Redwan Khan / Facebook

Its save my time… now i eat ruti everyday…. ruti belte hoile bodhoi r protidin khaite partam na…

Sadia Popy / Facebook

its very good for my bachelor life……….

Tutul Chowdhury / Facebook

Humayun Kabir a nerd from village Bunagati of Magura district devised a new machine which he named “Laaibah Ruti Maker” a simple machine made of wood. With this handy wooden device you can easily make different types of Ruti such as boiled flour Ruti of Bangladeshi wheat, Moida’s luchi, boiled rice flour Ruti, Vegetable Toast Ruti, Dillika Roti, Egg- Paratha, Kima Paratha, kaligira Ruti, Maskolai Ruti, Barley Ruti, Palm Ruti, Sweet Paratha Ruti, Pakistani Rumali Roti, Indian Butter Ruti, Maskolai Ruti, Sweet Paratha Ruti, Gobi Paratha, Methi Paratha, Mathar paratah, Palok Paratha, Indian Lassa Paratha, Egg Paratha, mushroom ruti etc. However, when making Ruti from normal flour (not boiled flour), one or two drops of oil to be used on the Ruti Paper/Wrapper. The specialty of this machine is, you can make 10-15 Ruti’s with it within a minute. Even ¾ years children can easily make Ruti with it.

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