INTRODUCTION:  Mr Humayun Kabir of Magura district of Bangladesh invented this wooden ruti maker. This means it is a non-electric ruti maker. It doesn’t require electricity. Anyone  can makes a ruti with the easy way in 2 seconds. Laaibah Ruti Maker Factory produces and sells this best quality Ruti Maker Machine in Bangladesh and other countries. The diabetic or heart disease patients those who want to reduce weight, therefore, ruti is the main source of carbohydrate in our diet.


It is also very much difficult for serving women and students or bachelors who remain in the hostel or somewhere detached from home to prepare ruti. And most of the time they have to take breakfast outside, or having nothing in the morning which is injurious to health.


With this ruti maker, anyone can produce Ruti from boiled dough as well as raw wheat dough. You can make various types of ruti from this machine like Tal Ruti, Maligira Ruti, Mashkolai Ruti, Sweet Paratha Ruti, Kamiri Ruti, Bason Ruti, Vegetable Toast Ruti, Mushroom Ruti, Butter Ruti, Palok Paratha, Cheese paratha, Matha Paratha, Methi porata, Gobi Paratha, Indian lascha Paratha, michi Ruti, Egg Paratha, Kima Paratha, Capsicum cheese Paratha, Cabbage Paratha, Piece Paratha, Luchi and Fuska can be produced this machine. It also called Chapati Maker Machine, Tortilla Press.



Laaibah Roti Maker makes men’s life comfortable. It saves our time and energy.

A Ruti paper like the plastic used in this home appliance maintains not only the quality and real taste of ruti but also makes the device long lasting as they have to be changed 15-20 days apart. The company imports this sheet from Japan to maintain better quality and is available in our company.


One can gift this product to your family members, relatives and friends and bring the smile on their face by reducing their workload in the early morning.

Laaibah Roti Maker Factory is producing  3 different models of ruti maker

They are noted below:


1.SmallModel -300 | Price: BDT 2500

  1. SmallModel-675 Price BDT 3850
    3. Stylish Model – 700 | Price: BDT 4650
    4. Standard Model – 725 | Price: BDT 5,500




3.02 LOCATION: (a) Factory : Village: Bunagati, Post: Bunagati,

Police Station: Shalikha,

Dist: Magura, Bangladesh


(b) Office -Do-
303. Sector/Sub-sector : Forest & Allied Products.
304. Ownership Pattern : Proprietorship.
305 Name of the Entrepreneur : Md. Humayun Kabid..

(Innovator cum entrepreneur).

3.06. Employment Opportunity :
2.07. Products/ Services : Ruti Maker Machine of different sizes.
2.08. Annual Production (100% cap.) :
2.09 Annual Sales in US$(100% cap.) :