10) Warnings:

  1. Remember there is a tape added around the both plates (which is not clearly seen in necked eyes). Never remove the tape. (see details on picture)
  2. If you want to make non backed or half backed flour Ruti, you must use a little oil in bowl so you can easily take out the Ruti from the machine. Remember, our machine is not fit for non backed Ruti using market packed flour (for lacking fiber) if you don’t use enough oil.
  3. Try to use the machine even at least once in a week, so it will good and working well.
  4. If the Ruti is uneven give smaller dough and keep pressing for more time so all sides will be even.
  5. You must prepare the dough softer to have better service from the machine.
  6. For three angle, and four angle fried Ruti make a round Ruti then oil it and fold into large three/four shapes, apply press not more than one second, remember if more pressure it will become a round shape.
  7. For mking larger Ruti take a bigger clump and use longer pressure to spread the Ruti up to one inch from both side of the plates.
  8. Do not use water wash but when changing Ruti paper after 20/25 days you can clean it by water but it must be dried properly.