3) Procedure of making Non boild wheat flour Ruti (Tortilla):

  1. First add some oil in normal water then add required amount of flour and mix it. Then add a little oil on finger top and smear on both plates.
  2. Draw a full of table tennis ball size flour from dough and round it like a ball.
  3. Off the upper plate of Laaibah Ruti maker put the ball in middle of lower plate.
  4. Then stand in a higher place and press the Ruti maker handle for 2/3 seconds, when you see the Ruti spread to either side stop pressing and lift it and also lift the upper plate from knob, so to get a nice Ruti.
  5. Take the Ruti on hand and add flour around it (so it puffs well) and let it be backed fried on pan.

N.B.: Our machine is not suitable for non backed Ruti using packet flower which is available in Bangladeshi market, but it is very appropriate for original whole grain flour.