8) How to apply pressure on Laaibah Ruti maker:

  1. If you use the machine by standing keep the machine at the height of knee, and if you use by keeping on floor sit on a middle high tool, so you avoid hand and shoulder pain and make Ruti by little pressure. If used on a higher table as for woman more pressure may be needed because of women’s low height.
  2. Always keep the machine in between of your legs. Never place on uneven area as it give improper pressure that not large the Ruties.
  3. Do not ramble with the handle, rather rest you body weight on the handle and hold it for 2 seconds.
  4. If the Ruti is uneven give smaller dough and keep pressing for more time so all sides will be even.
  5. Put the Ruti on hand and use flour powder that gives you some advantages, such as 1) they do not stick to each other, 3) do not stick to fry pan, 3) puff equally all ruties.