Laaibah Ruti Maker


1. Question: Why does it become smaller after making bread?


Answer:  Not all flour bread has this problem. For example, if you use red flour and make bread, then this problem will not happen. Make bread by mixing rice powder properly, again, this will not be a problem. Corn flour will also not be a problem.


But, in the case of packet-flour available in the market, it will be a problem.


There are some unscrupulous flour importer/traders in Khatunganj, Chittagong who import five/seven year old flour-dust in ships at the rate of only 2/3 Taka per KG And then they refine this flour with ordinary flour and sell it at 30-35 Taka per KG in Bangladesh.


In fact, what you eat thinking white flour is not flour at all although it looks like flour. It has more elasticity so the bread becomes one and a half inches smaller even after making 8 and a half inches in the machine.


In this case, my advice is, try to eat the original red flour.It will be good for both your health and body.



2.Question:If there is any problem with the product, can you fix it at home or change it at home?


Answer:  See, we have different types of warranties and guarantees in different types of models. We deliver at home in exchange for the delivery charge.


Our factory is in Magura, where our workers live, and our office and sales center are in Dhaka from where the delivery is made.


But we don't have any workers in Dhaka. So if the problem is serious, we can't solve it from Dhaka. We have to send it to the factory for repairing. And this is why we do not provide service to the customer's home.



3. Question: Why SMS 675 model is the best?


Answer:  Each of our models is of the best quality. Each model is made of e-seasoning wood; each model is made with expert worker. But there are some variations of wood-quality.Besides, there are adjustments to the moisture level in the long time range.


For example, we make the 275 model of bread maker and sell it after three months. But we keep the 675 model in the factory for a year and a half, adjust the air humidity of Bangladesh from 9 and a half to 13 percent, then we adjust the final level of water and paint the outside of the product and then bring it to the market.


This is why we can say that nothing will happen to this model in the next 15 years. There is no reason that the bread will be uneven - thin and thick. Moreover, the wood quality of the SM-675 model is much better.We start the fumigation technologyfrom here. And that's why we guarantee a full one year replacement for the machine, which means we will give you a new machine if there is any problem within a year of purchase.


4. Question: Why is there difference of price of the four models of bread maker?


Answer:  We have created different types of models keeping in mind the needs of the customer.


Some people want a very low price, some people want a big size and some people want a little higher price. Some people want the premium quality or the highest quality.


Some machinesmay last 7/8 years, some other will last 12 years and yet there some machines which may last 15 years. Some have no guarantee and some have a full one year replacement guarantee. There are price variations for all these reasons.



5. Question: Why is your delivery charge so high?


Answer:  First of all, there are many big online companies.They have 20-50 Godowns or hubs in different places of Dhaka city.


Secondly, we have only one office and one Godown in Dhaka city.


Thirdly, there are many companies that arrange delivery in Dhaka city for Taka 60 or 70.But their products are different and a sing delivery man can carryproducts for 50 people.


For example, a dress weighs very little. A delivery man can ride on the back of the bicycle with the dress of 50 people. On the other hand, one of our machines weighs 04 KGs and a delivery man can go with maximumtwo bread makers. Moreover, since we have only one office and make delivery from here to Uttara or Jatrabari, our charges are higher.


Fourth: Our delivery man goes to the customer’s kitchen and teaches him the techniques for half an hour. For all these reasons, our delivery charge is higher. There is no need to teach the rules of other products, but if we do not teach the rules properly, the customer may be in bad situation later. For all these reasons, we deliver with our own experts.This is why we charge comparatively higher.


6. Question: How do I clean a bread maker?


Answer: First of all, there is no need to wash the bread maker with water. If you want to clean it, apply a drop of oil on a piece of tissue paper or clean cloth and wipe the bread paper with it. Remember, there is no need to clean the inside after picking up the paper. If there is flour remainder inside, remove it by rubbing with a scale. One more thing to keep in mind is that don't put oil on the bread paper on both sides where it is attached with the tape.

After you finished bread making, please, cover the machine with a cloth to protect it from ants or cockroaches or rats.Remember, never clean it with water.Otherwise, it will damage the water level of the machine.



7. Question: Is all flour bread with bread maker?


Answer:The bread-maker discovered by Mr. Humayunis made of wood and very effective for all kinds of boiled recipes. In other words, you can make bread with any kind of boiled flour in this machine. For example, the bread in this machine with boiled flour, boiled Maida, boiled rice flour, boiled corn flour, etc will be surprisingly very good.


Even if the red flour is raw, bread can be made in this machineaccording to special rules. We have given the rules in our manual book on how to make bread by mixing red flour with raw water.


The parota,luchi,phuchka of maida will be a little, but in this case the rule is to cover it with a wet cloth and leave overnight. Even then, I would like to say that bread or parota, luchietcare not much better in our machine in raw recipes.


8. Question: Why is the price of bread maker so high?


Answer: First of all,this is the original machine."LaibaRutiMaker" is made by the person who first invented this wooden bread maker in Bangladesh.


Second, most people wonder why the price of wooden product is so high. For this reason, hundreds of people started this business to bring the price of bread maker from Taka 500 to Take 1200. They made millions of machines over the last few years and delivered to millions of people. Tut the only problem is that those are useless – cannot make bread. Thus, millions of people have been deceived in Bangladesh.


Because bread is made with the machine according to the physics formula of the inventor, the wood has to be seasoned, and the water level has to be adjusted. Only the people trained by the inventor can make it properly. The foreign paper (which looks like polythene) is called the original CLING FILM paper (which is not ordinary polythene) has to be used.


Third, when we sell our bread maker, we challenge that we will refund three times the original price if -

A 3 to 4 year old child (besides an adult person) can’t make a minimum of eight inches of bread with Laaibahruti maker,

If the bread is not as thin as paper, and

If the bread does not swell after baking according to our rules.

Except the original Laaibah ruti maker, you won't get this benefit in duplicate ruti maker that looks like our ruti maker. By pressing with both hands you can’t make 6 inch bread.


Special Note: Apart from Laaibah brand, we can also deliver goods between Taka 1000 to 1200. But we can't guarantee that you can make bread with that.


(The difference between the original and the fake is that the paper has to be attached here.)


9. Question:When bread is made in a bread maker, why is it thin on one side and thick on the other?


Answer: See most people do not understand the rules of pressure on the bread maker, as a result of which their breads get thinner and thicker.


If you can make bread properly in our machine, it will never be uneven. You must not make the flour ball larger than the size of a ping pong ball. Besides, if you the bread is less than eight and a half inches long, do not hold it properly and wait until half an inch gets out of the side, then the bread will be thin and thick.


We have shown: 1) How to apply pressure on the bread maker, 2) How to change the paper;and 3) How to do scaling to solve the problem of thin and thick, etc. If you watch the first video on the homepage of our website, you will get the solution. If you watch the video carefully, you will understand why bread becomes thin and thick and what is the solution thereof.


10. Question:Can no foil paper be used other than your bread paper?

Answer: When the bread paper given by us is finished, you can use other foil paper in the market. However, it will not be as good quality as our bread paper and the performance will not be so good. So contact us to collect new bread paper.


11. Question:Is it possible to make raw flour bread with your ST-725 model?

Answer: No, none of our bread maker models can make raw flour bread.


12. Question:How do you get bread if you need 10 inches or larger?

Answer: Of course, you will. Bread maker is made to order by customizing as per the requirement of the client.


13. Question:Will the bread swell if you make bread with our maker?

Answer: Of course, it will swell. If the bread made in our maker does not swell, then three times the price will be refunded in front of the press.


14. Question:Will the wooden maker catch termites?

Answer: Usually our maker does not catch termites. However, out of 1000 makers, 1/2 makers can catch termites. And that is why a warranty/guaranty is provided with every maker.


15.Question:What to do if your ruti maker catches termites?

Answer: Our makers do not usually catch termites. If it ever gets infected, the maker will be replaced with a new maker.


16.Question:Are the bread makers available in New Market under the name Laaibah the original Laaibahruti makers?

Answer: No, the Laaibahthat are available in New Market are not original. We do not sell our products in any store in New Market; we sell our products ourselves.


17.Question:If the other bread makers bought from the market can’t make bread, why should your bread maker can make bread?

Answer: Only Laaibah Ruti maker can make bread and the ruti maker of no one else can make bread. This is because the only Laaibahruti maker is the bread maker discovered in perfect measure according to the laws of physics. Commoncarpenters would understand that. Watch the videos on our website for details.


18.Question: Why isthere no bread maker of teak wood?

Answer:Water level cannot be adjusted in tweak wood. So the measurement of bread maker is not the even, so a bread maker cannot be made of tweak wood.


19.Question: Why is the size of your bread maker so big or so small?

Answer: Our bread makers are made to a certain size so the bread makers are of a certain size.


20.Question: How many days can it be used once the bread paper is changed?

Answer: Once changed, the paper can be used for more than 1 month. However, you have to change as soon as the paper is torn.


21.Question: How many days can a bread paper roll be used?

Answer: A roll can be used for 4 to 5 years.


22.Question: Is not possible make bread with your bread maker just by putting oil on it without bread paper?

Answer: No, just applying oil to the bread maker will not make the bread better. The bread will stick to the plate and the water level of the maker will be lost.


23. Question:Where can I get bread paper when the paper given by you runs out? How much is your bread paper?

Answer: You will get it from us when the bread paper is finished. A 100 square feet roll of bread paper costs Taka 300.


24.Question: Why ST-710 is best for use outside Bangladesh?

Answer: Weight is very important when sending products abroad. The 710 has been light weight so that the buyer can take it outside the countryat a lower cost.Besides, the product is made of very durable wood. So it is the best model for customers who will take the machine outside the country. Moreover, it is the best and premium quality.


25.Question: Why is there no home delivery outside Dhaka?

Answer: Our Company is still very small and manpower is very low. However, we will arrange for home delivery outside Dhaka very soon.


26.Question: Is your office open on Fridays? Is home delivery made?

Answer: Yes, our office is open on Fridays, but from 3 pm to 6 pm.


27.Question: Can your ruti maker be available in New Market?

Answer: No, we do not have any shop or dealer in New Market. Our only sales center is at West Agargoan.


28.Question:Is it possible to make bread of rice flour with your ruti maker?

Answer: Rice flour bread is the most beautiful when made with our maker.


29.Question:Is it possible to make bread from yeast mixed dough with your ruti maker?

Answer: No, it is not possible to make bread from yeast mixed dough with our ruti maker.


30. Question:Is it possible to make bread from raw flour with your ruti maker?

Answer: No, it is not possible to make bread from raw flourwith our ruti maker.


31.Question: What is the process of accepting your dealership?

Answer:To accept our dealership, you have to talk directly with CEO Sir.


32.Question: What to do if the client does not like the ruti maker after delivery?

Answer: If the customer does not like the bread maker, then s/he will return the bread maker. She does not have topay the delivery charge either.


33. Question:Why is it important to teach bread making, paper change and frying during delivery?

Answer: If the customer does not learn the quantity of flour, pressure rules, paper change and frying rules, then he will not be able to make bread in the maker. To him the maker would seem useless, he would feel harassed.


34.Question: Can oil or flour be used on a bread maker plate?

Answer: No, you do not need to use oil or flour on the plate of the bread maker. However, when making raw flour bread, a little oil should be used on the bread paper on the plate.


35.Question: What should be done if the maker soakswater by mistake or unknowingly?

Answer: If you ever accidentally put water in the maker, then the maker should be well dried in the sun.


36.Question: What is the importance of preserving ruti maker’s cash memo?

Answer: If you lose the cash memo, no guarantee or warranty will be effective.


37.Question: Is there any payment option other than bKash?

Answer: There is an option to make online payment.


38.Question: Can bread made in theruti maker be stored in the fridge?

Answer: Of course, it can be preserved, but the rules are different.


39.Question: How long is the guarantee and warranty of the ruti maker used in the restaurant?

Answer: No guarantee is given, free servicing warranty is 6 months.


40.Question: What is meant by free servicing?

Answer: If there is any problem during the servicing period of the maker, the servicing will be free but if any part is broken, the customer will pay the price.


41.Question: When does the bread made in the maker stick to the pan?

Answer: After making bread in the maker, you have to add a little flour on both sides of the bread and put it in the pan. Otherwise, the bread sticks to the pan and the bread does not swell.


42.Question: Do you have your own website or Facebook page or YouTube channel?

Answer: Yes, we have our own website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Website: www.rutimaker.com

YouTube Channel: Laaibah Ruti Recipes 

Facebook page: Laaibah Ruti maker Factory


43.Question: Where can I see detailed descriptions of your products other than videos?

Answer: You can find it on our website. You can also order the desired product from the website.


44.Question: Is your product available in Daraz or any other online shop?

Answer: Yes, our product is available in Darazand Ajkerdeal, Evaly, Happy mart.


45.Question: If your product is available at a discount on Daraz, then why don't you give adiscount?

Answer:Darazsells our products at a discount; however, we do not offer discounts. However, we are requesting those who want a discount to buy from Daraz. Buy the same product from Darazat a discount.


46.Question:  ​​Why does it take so long to place your order?

Answer: We do not make ruti maker with raw wood. Each of our products is seasoned for a minimum of 6 months to two and a half years. And that's why making our makers is a time consuming process.


47.Question: Scaling requires 3/4 scaling, is there any alternative to steel scale?

Answer: If you do not have a scale, you can use a thick cartoon or coin as a scale.


48. Question:What to do if the bread under the pole of the maker is thin and thick towards the hinges?

Answer: If there is such a problem, it should be understood that the maker has become dysfunctional. Replacement or servicing should be done.


49.Question: Plates of all other maker are painted, it looks beautiful. Why don't you paintyour plates?

Answer: The paint contains many toxic substances including resin, gala, carfa. These are very harmful to health. So even if we paint outside of the ruti maker, we don't use any color on the plate.


50.Question: Why don't you give separate wood for mixing flour with maker?

Answer: No separate wood is required. If you want, you can mix the hot flour in the flour maker's plate without holding it in your hand. But there is no need for it.


51.Question: Can naan or tandoor bread be made with your maker?

Answer: No, naan or tandoor bread cannot be made with our maker.


52.Question: Can people of any age make bread with your maker?

Answer: People of any age starting from 3 years old can make bread with this maker.


53.Question: If there is no table at the knee level, can the maker make bread by keeping itat the level of the scrub or chest?

Answer: Bread can be made by rubbing or keeping it at chest level, but in this case you have to give a lot of energy, the pressure rule will not be right. So it is better to make the bread standing at the level of the knee.


54.Question: Can bread be made with a bread maker sitting on a chair or tool?

Answer: Yes, bread can be made with a bread maker sitting on a chair or tool, but the maker must be left on the floor.


55. Question: Why is there a gap between the two plates under the pole of the maker?

Answer: If there is no gap, the bread will be thin and torn away, the size of the bread will not be nice.


56. Question:Your maker in the video looks much bigger and prettier to look at. Why doesn't it look nice to see in reality?

Answer: There is a slight difference between video and live. Moreover, we say that our product will not be beautiful to look at, bread will be beautiful.



57. Question: Can flour be used without making bread paper when making bread?

Answer: No, flour cannot be used. Then there will be no bread. Moreover, if you use flour, you have to wash the maker with water. And if water is added, the water level of the maker will be damaged.


58. Question: Can I get a refund after buying a bread maker?

Answer: No, sold goods are not returned.


59. Question:What to do if the bread in the maker is thick and thin from right to left?

Answer: If there is such a problem, the maker has to be replaced or serviced.


60. Question:Everyone gives their product discount, why do you sell at fixed rate?

Answer: The price of our product was much higher before. So the price has been reduced and fixed. Good products cost a little more.


61. Question:Why don't you give CD with the product?

Answer: Now in the age of Facebook and YouTube, CDs are not given because no one has a DVD player in their house. Now all our videos are on our website, Facebook and YouTube, so there is no need for a separate CD.


62. Question:What to do in the case of replacement or servicing from outside of Dhaka?

Answer: By contacting us, you have to send the maker along with memo to Dhaka Kalyanpur branch by courier. We will solve the problem and send it to the customer's address.


63. Question:Where is “both side tape” available?

Answer: You can get the tape from us but it can also be found in any nearby stationery shop.


64. Question:Why is a mark not used where the flour dough should be placed on the plate?

Answer: No sign is required. The idea comes from using it.


65. Question:The 710 and 725 models have a small steel knob, why not in any other model?

Answer: The design of each model is different. However, if you want, you can use a knob as you wish.


66. Question:Is the maker's hinge of SS?

Answer: No, we do not use SS hinges. Because the SS hinge breaks easily.


67. Question:Does the maker's hinge get rust?

Answer: No, the hinges in our maker never get rust.


68. Question: Pressing the handle sounds like the maker is breaking, what is the solution?

Answer: There may be a slight sound when there is friction in the wood. If you want to stop this sound, just put 2/3 inch tape on the biscuit of the maker and the sound will not make any more.


69. Question: Why are the handle screws loose?

Answer: It is loose so that it can be used for free and there is no friction in the wood.


70. What is the difference between 275N and 275?

Answer: The 275N is slightly larger in size and more durable than the 275, which is why the 275N has a 6-month replacement guarantee.


71. Can I get a discount if I come to the office and buy a maker?

Answer: No discount will be available if you come to the office and purchase the product.However, if you take home delivery, you will have to pay the delivery charge.


72. Question: Bread cannot be made with boiled flour in electric ruti maker;can it be made with your maker?

Answer: Baked flour bread is best in our bread maker.


73.Question:Can products be bought from Magura factory?

Answer: Yes, products can be bought from Magura factory.


74. Question:Do you import your product locally or from abroad?

Answer: It is a product invented in Bangladesh and is a completely local product. We do not import from outside.


75. Question: Breads made in both the 500 and 675 models are the same, almost identical in appearance. So, why the price difference?

Answer: 675 is more durable than 500 and the life time of 675 is also higher. So, the price of 675 is higher.


76. Question: Can those who suffer from waist or spinal pain make bread with this maker?

Answer: Yes, you can. We don't have to use any force to make bread with our maker.Bread can be made by standing or sitting and leaning slightly. So there is no damage to hands or waist.


77. Question: Why is the 725 model not necessary for family use?

Answer: This is a heavy duty model, it can make 800 to 1000 loaves of bread per day. This is a restaurant model because it doesn't need so much heavy maker for family use.


78. Question: Can I change any model of your bread maker and purchase the maker of the higher price?

Answer: Of course. If you want, you can migrate and get the expensive model but you can't get the cheapest one.


79. Question:In how many days can be migrated?

Answer: You can within 1 month.


80. Question: Will you replace the bread maker if it becomes dull?

Answer: Yes, I will replace it if it is left in the replacement period and if it is in the servicing period, it will be serviced.


81. Question: What to do if the right and left side of the bread are thicker than the other side?

Answer: This problem occurs in our small bread makers. To avoid such problems, you need to use customized large models.


82. Question:Why are your bread makers of different sizes?

Answer:The customized models are made in different sizes according to the specific needs of our customer.