We the Bengalis generally eat ruti or Paratha in the breakfast. Many eat ruti three times a day as staple meal. So, ruti occupies the second position after only rice in the menu of the Bengalis. Some also eats ruti as diet. Ruti making is an art although troublesome work to many. However, to make the task easy different types of electric machines of different brands are available in the market. But, you cannot make ruti of boiled flour with those machines and you cannot find the deshi (local) flavour in the ruties made with those foreign machines. On the contrary, you might have to count a big amount of electric bill at the end of the month due to use of those machines.

To get rid of the hassles of making ruti, Mr. Humayun Kabir a nerd from village Bunagati of Magura district devised a new machine which he named “Laaibah Ruti Maker” a simple machine made of wood. With this handy wooden device you can easily make different types of Ruti such as boiled flour Ruti of Bangladeshi wheat, Moida’s luchi, boiled rice flour Ruti, Vegetable Toast Ruti, Dillika Roti, Egg- Paratha, Kima Paratha, kaligira Ruti, Maskolai Ruti, Barley Ruti, Palm Ruti, Sweet Paratha Ruti, Pakistani Rumali Roti, Indian Butter Ruti, Maskolai Ruti, Sweet Paratha Ruti, Gobi Paratha, Methi Paratha, Mathar paratah, Palok Paratha, Indian Lassa Paratha, Egg Paratha, mushroom ruti etc. However, when making Ruti from normal flour (not boiled flour), one or two drops of oil to be used on the Ruti Paper/Wrapper. The specialty of this machine is, you can make 10-15 Ruti’s with it within a minute. Even ¾ years children can easily make Ruti with it.

Mr. Humayun Kabir said that he named the ruti making device “Laaibah Multi-Recipe Ruti Maker” after the name of his little daughter “Laaibah”. You do not need electricity to run this wooden machine. With this simple manually run device, any one irrespective of age (from one and half a year old baby to the elders) can make 12-15 rutis each minute with the least effort. It takes only 2 to 3 seconds to make each ruti. You can make ruti as thin as paper and the size is also big. Its inventor also said you can make 100% round shape ruti with the machine. The rutis will look like the full moon. This machine will also save the prestige of those who make maps of different countries while trying making ruti.

Mr. Humayun Kabir said that he named the ruti making device “Laaibah Multi-Recipe Ruti “There are many types of ruti makers in different countries of the world depending different flavors.” The Indians have marketed a type of electric ruti maker with which you can only make ruti of normal wheat flour, but you cannot make ruti of boiled wheat flour. That is why many customers of Bangladesh are fed up with Indian electric ruti maker. So the Indians find it difficult to market their electric ruti maker in Bangladesh. In fact, those who purchased once, inform the others of the problems of the Indian electric ruti maker.
The inventor going to introduce himself said that he is an IT professional. He comes from Bunagati village under Shalikha Upazilla (sub-district) of Magura district. He is the eldest of 5 sons and daughters of Abdur Razzak. He graduated from a local institute Bunagati College in 1994. Then after taking training on computer technology he took job as an IT Specialist in a company (Flora) in Dhaka.

Previously he worked with many innovations. But, none of those remained as his property, some vested men unjustifiably hijacked his invention and harvested the fruits. So, this time around, this scientist registered the patent of his invention and set up a small factory in his native village. 15 male and female labours work in his factory and make 70/80 ruti makers each month. Currently, three types – small, medium and large – machines produced in his factory depending on the size of ruti. The price of the machines ranges from Taka 2,500.00 to Taka 6,500.00.

Different online and print newspapers including, BSS published news on his invention namely “Laaibah Multi-Recipe Ruti Maker”. Moreover, a page named “Laaibah Ruti Maker” is available in

After the media coverage, his invention received much response and greeted with enthusiasm. This hiked the demand of this easy device in the local market. There is also much demand in England, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Bhutan.

To meet the ever increasing demand in the domestic and international market, Md. Humayun Kabir is thinking of expansion of the factory where at least 5,000 (five thousand) per month can be produced. However, he does afford such a big factory. That is why he expects sincere cooperation of the government including bank loan facility.