Difference between Original Invented Laaibah Ruti Maker and Imitated (Copied) Ruti Maker


Original Laaibah Ruti Maker

Imitated Wooden Ruti Maker In The Marketplace

1. Made In Accurate Measurement. The Inventor Invented The Measurement After Conducting Research For Several Years. Each Machine Is Made In The Factory Of The Inventor With Correct Measurement As Per The Drawing.

1. Although The Imitated Ruti Makers Look Exactly Same, There Remains Many Mistakes As They Are Not Made With Correct Measurement And Rutis Cannot Be Made Properly.

2. Only The Skilled Ruti Makers Trained For 5 Years By The Invented Make These Ruti Makers.

2. Unskilled Carpenters Make These Ruti Makers; That Is Why Technological Defects Remain In Them.

3. Food Grade Paper Imported From Japan Is Used. This Is Not Normal Polythene And 100% Iso Certified.

3. Normal Polythene,  Oil Clothe, Cheap Chinese Paper Box, Etc Are Used. Some Bodies Even Advise To Use Karfa, Resin Or Lakkha  To Make Ruti. These Are Toxic And Very Harmful For Health.

4. Ruties Can Be Made So With No Trouble That Even A 2 Year Old Baby Can Use This Machine.

4. Heavy Pressure Is Necessary. Even Ruti Cannot Be Made In Proper Shape And Size.

5. Rutis Can Be Made As Thin As Paper, 100% Round And Big In Size.

5. Ruti Cannot Be Made Thin And Big In Imitated Ruti Makers.

6. These Roti Makers Are Durable Because These Are Made With Woods That Are Seasoned (With 11-13% Moisture) And Treated For Years.

6. Makers Of These Ruti Makers Do Not Even Know What Woods Are Suitable And How To Season Woods.

7. It Is A Time Consuming Process To Make Ruti Makers With Minute And Correct Measurement And As Such It Is A Little Costly.

7. They Do Not Take Time; Therefore These Ruti / Chapatu Makers Are Cheap.

8. Each Appliance Is Checked At 4 Different Levels With Skilled Quality Inspectors. That’s Why We Get 100% Correct Ruti Makers.

8. Rotis Are Not Made Small In These Machines And Made Uneven.

9. Japanese Celluloid Technology Tape Is Used In Laaibah Ruti Maker.

9. They Do Not Know Anything About Such Technology.

10. There Is Guaranty And Warranty For Each Ruti Maker.

10. Sometimes You Cannot Trace The Supplier After Purchase.

11. Laaibah Ruti Makers Are Made Of (1) Sticker With Barcode On The Machine, (2) Japanese Roti Paper Box Of Laaibah Brand, (3) A Cd, (4) A Manual Book, (5) 2 Nos Tape, (6) Laaibah Brand Cartoon, (7) Invoice

11. They Only Wrap The Wooden Machine With Polythene And Sell. They Do Not Provide So Many Things.

12. We Have Our Own Factory, Office And Sales Centers.

12. Most Of Them Sell On The Footpath, On Rickshaw Van And Grocery Shops.


Laaibah Brand Ruti Makers Are Made In This Drawing Of The Inventor.



Md. Humayun Kabir

Inventor & Ceo

Laaibah Ruti Maker Factory

67west Agargoan, Siddique Tower (3rd Fl)

Sher-E-Bangla Nagar


Tel: +8801740861911, 01731494501, 01799600010-17

Web: Www.Rutimaker.Com

E-Mail: Ceo.Netwin.Bd@Gmail.Com

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