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1)      Made of what?

Answer: Made of wood, which is seasoned, de-moisturized and produced in natural way. The sliced log is of at least 48 inches.

2)      How many types of timber are used in Laaibah Ruti Maker?

Answer: Laaibah Ruti Maker is made of three types of timber/wood.

3)      How many models does it have?

Answer: The roti maker has five models:

  1. Small- 300,
  2. Small- 675,
  3. Stylist – 700,
  4. Standard – 725,
  5. Customized Model

4)      How is the price of each model?


  1. Small- 300 – TK. 2500/-
  2. Small- 675- TK. 3850/-
  3. Stylist – 700- TK. 4650/-
  4. Standard – 725- TK. 5500/-
  5. Customized Model – Pls call for price

5)      What is the difference among the models?

Answer: Please, refer to ‘difference chart’.

6)      Which model would last for how many days?

Answer: Please, refer to ‘difference chart’.

7)      Can the machines be painted according to my choice?

Answer: Yes, the machines can be painted as per customer’s choice if you please order us specially.

8)      How much is the weight of each machine?


  1. a) Small 399 & Small 675 : 3.25 kg,
  2. b) Stylist 700: 3.5 kg,
  3. c) Standard 725: 5.00 kg and
  4. d) Customized Model: 6.50 kg

(N.B: The weight can be changed as per choice and order.)

9)      How is the size of the machine?

Answer: Length: 22 inches, Ruti: 9 inches and Height: 9 inches

10)  How much space does the machine occupy?

Answer: The Ruti Maker occupies a volume of Length: 22 inches, Ruti: 9 inches and Height: 9 inches

11)  How is the size of each Ruti?


  1. a) Small 675 : 6.5-7.5 square inches, b) Stylist 700: 6.5-7.5 square inches,
  2. b) Stylist 700: 6.5-7.5 square inches,
  3. c) Standard 725: 8 – 8.5 square inches and d) and Super Fancy- 9 – 10 square inches / Customized Model: as per customer’s choice.

12)  Can it make light, slander Ruti?

Answer: Ruti can be produced like a sheet of paper.

13)  How many types of dough can the machine handle?

Answer: The maker can handle all types of dough like: Ruti of boiled dough, half-boiled dough and raw dough, raw wheat dough, Ruti of flour.

14)  How many types of Ruti can the Ruti maker produce?

Answer: The maker can produce Ruti of 27 recipes.

15)  Why the size of Ruti of packet flour bought from the market reduces by 1 inch?

Answer: Because packet flour holds dust, so the size of Ruti reduces by 1 inch.

16)  Why is the price high?

Answer: The product is new and amount of production less. Above all, the Ruti maker is produced manually. That is why, the price is a little bit high.

17)  Where is it available?

67 West Agargoan, 3rd Floor, Siddique Tower, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.

18)  Does the Ruti maker has home delivery facility?

Answer: Yes, the home delivery facility is available.

19)  How is the charge for home delivery?

Answer: TK. 200 /300

20)  Is dealership/agency contract provided?

Answer: Yes, dealership/agency / Franchise contract service is provided.

21)  What is the rules and regulations of dealership/agency service?

22)  What is Ruti Paper?

Answer: The paper that is attached above the Ruti Maker is called Ruti Paper.

23)  Where would I get Ruti paper from?

Answer: You can buy Ruti paper from us.

24)  Does the wood catch ghuna?

Answer: The wood/timber will not catch ghuna.

25)  How many days warranty is provided?

Answer: All models (except Small-300) 12-month Guaranty is provided.

26)  How many days warranty is provided for each model?
Answer: 12-month warranty is provided for Small, Stylist and Standard Model .

27)  What are the instructions of using Ruti Maker?

Answer: Please, refer to ‘instruction manual book’.

28)  How will the price of Ruti paper be?

Answer: Later, the price of Ruti paper will be in the range of BDT – 500/-.

29)  Electronic Ruti makers that are found in the market cannot produce Ruti from boiled dough. Does your Ruti maker can produce Ruti from boiled dough?

Answer: Yes, our Ruti maker can produce Ruti from boiled dough in efficient way.

30)  Will the produced Ruti be soft?

Answer: Yes, the produced Ruti shall be soft.

31)  What type of recipes can the maker produce Ruti from?

Answer: Please, refer to the instruction manual.

32)  Can the maker produce Ruti from rice flour?

Answer: Yes, the maker can produce Ruti from rice flour.

33)  Does the pressure need to be high?

Answer: No, the pressure needs not to be high.

34)  What is rule of putting pressure?

Answer: Please, refer to instruction manual.

35)  Will the Ruti swell enough?

Answer: Yes, the Ruti shall swell enough.

36)  How can I dry/swell the Ruti?

Answer: Please, refer to instruction manual.

37)  Can the maker produce Ruti from raw dough?

Answer: the maker can produce Ruti from raw flour.

38)  Can the maker produce Ruti from half-boiled dough?

Answer: Yes, the maker can produce Ruti from half-boiled dough.

39)  How can I change the Ruti paper?

Answer: Please, refer to instruction manual.

40)  When the price will be lowered?

Answer: The price shall be lowered if we can produce the Ruti maker in high quantity.