Inventor’s massage

Massage from the inventor & CEO

To keep us and improve our regular tradition of making ruti in Bangladesh I’ve invented this machine. Hope you will be satisfied after using my invention, the “laaibah ruti maker” the machine. My invented product is a multi-recipes Rutimaker which can make any type of rutis in the world. After 2/3 years of experiment, I’ve successfully finalized this Rutimaker machine. We never use any kind of harmful chemicals on our machine so any ruti you make in our machine is 100% healthy, natural, and organic.


So use “laaibah ruti maker” freely and cheers with others to use it also. Please comment on our official website & Facebook pages.


Laaibah brand ruti (tortilla) maker is a multi recipe’s ruti maker. Except for pira bellon, there are many kinds of ruti making machine available in our market for making ruti, like electric ruti maker, non-electric and plastic ruti maker, however only our laaibah brand wooden ruti maker can make different types of non-boild and boiled wheat flour ruti with various recipes in the world. Such as, Bangladeshi boiled flour ruti, boiled rice flour ruti, non-boiled wheat flour ruti, Bangladeshi palm ruti, black cumin ruti, peas Parata, sweet potato ruti, Delhi-ka-ruti, kamiri ruti, bason ruti, vegetable toast ruti, mushroom ruti, Indian butter parata, cheese ruti, mutter parata, methi parata, gobi parata, indian luccha parata, misi ruti, egg parata, kima parata, capsicum cheese parata, cabbage parata, peace parata, mexican tortilla, tortia, luchi and fuska etc. Can be made by this machine which invented by Humayun Kabir of Magura district in Bangladesh. But for making different kinds of ruti, you must know details about the recipes.


For your kind information, I would like to tell you that there are lots of fake/copy Rutimaker machine are also selling in our current market and different places. “laaibah ruti maker” only can be sold by our head office, and we also have our own showroom to sell. Our product is absolutely different then the fake / copy Rutimakers and highly measured & well scientifically designed. We used our best technician to make the best machine with exact methodical measured, every product has its own serial number and the ruti paper we provide with the machine is our own product which we named “laaibah ruti paper”, we import this paper from abroad which can’t be found anywhere in our country. Fake businessman uses direct coal, carbon, karfa, razan, plastic, rexicn and many more chemicals on their machine which is extremely harmful to the human body and also causes cancer. So my opinion please before you buy any Rutimaker products, please be aware of it and choosing the right products, and stay safe and healthy. My other advice is to please “eat whole grain red wheat flour ruti and be health care, avoid non-fiber white flour”. If you have complained about our “laaibah ruti maker” machine, please contact us. At last, I am telling you to welcome and my congratulation from “laaibah ruti maker factory”.


Md. Humayun Kabir
(inventor & CEO)
laaibah ruti maker factory
67 west agargoan,
siddique tower (3rd floor)
Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Agargoan, Dhaka, Bangladesh