Company Profile


We have two companies; Laaibah ruti maker factory and Laaibah international. Our factory situated in bunagati of Magura district. Our corporate office located at 67 west Agargoan, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.

                                                                                            Board of directors

Mr. Md. Humayun kabir is the inventor and ceo of laaibah ruti maker factory. Ms. Umma kulsum is director. And mr. Humayun kabir is managing director of laaibah international.

Invention: you would be happy to know that for the first time a ruti maker has been invented in Bangladesh can produce 1 ruti every 2 seconds. The machine, being produced with Bangladeshi technology, is playing role in the development of the economy and in the reduction of unemployment. Laaibah ruti maker is a multi recipe ruti maker. Among all the ruti makers that are available in Bangladesh including electric, non-electric and plastic ones, only Laaibah ruti maker is made of wood. With this ruti maker, you can easily produce rooti from the raw and boiled dough and make ruti according to different ruti recipes of different countries. For example, various types of ruti like ruti of boiled dough and raw dough, raw wheat dough, tal ruti, kaligira ruti, mashkolai ruti, sweet potato ruti, khamiri ruti, bason ruti, vegetable toast ruti, mushroom ruti, butter ruti, palok porata, cheese porata, matha porata, methi porata, gobi porata, indian lascha porata, michi ruti, gg porata, kima porata, capsicum cheese porata, cabbage porata, piece porata, luchi, fuska etc. Can be produced by the machine.

Different types of ruti can be made by the ruti maker, invented by Humayun Kabir of magura district, Bangladesh. However, you have to know the recipe of different types before production. Laaibah roti maker will make your life easy and comfortable. The machine can produce ruti speedily (2 seconds per ruti) and can make circular ruti.

                                                                                        Factory and production

There are 21 workers (five of them are female) are producing Rutimaker at bunagati factory in Magura (grater Jessore) district.

Quality and commitment: we believe in quality and commitment is our main business policy. Customer satisfaction is the crown’s highest priority. We achieve this goal by continuously improving the cost-effectiveness and performance of all of our products and processes, as well as focusing on innovation. To deliver continuous improvement, we have created an integrated, global approach that recognizes the interaction of every function and activity.  By integrating systems that increase the effectiveness of our people, ideas, processes, and suppliers, we strive to keep defects, complaints, and impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. This single worldwide performance improvement initiative is called world-class performance (wcp). A rigorous and structured plan, our wcp program provides the structure and framework for all of our activities in sustainability. This program is based on several guiding principles, called the seven dimensions.

1.  Quality first
a focus on customer satisfaction through product and process quality.

2.  Serving our customers
building our growth through close partnerships and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

3.  Environment, health and safety
conserving natural resources and ensuring the health and wellness of our employees.

4.  Team force
training and empowering individuals to work within teams to actively strive for and contribute to continuous improvement.

5.  Managing innovation
ensuring that best practices are spread throughout the entire organization.

6.  Manufacturing processes
continuously focusing on methods to eliminate variability and improve efficiency.

7.  Supply chain management
working closely with suppliers to streamline performance and minimize waste.


Ditf fair attained: last three years we have attained Dhaka international trade fair successfully.

                                                                    Research & worldwide export market

 Bangladesh as a least developed country is enjoying duty-free market access or reduced tariff rate facilities to export to various developed and developing countries in the world. Inventor Humayun Kabir started to think about making the device when it occurred to him that making chapattis / ruti manually required a lot of time and the process was quite strenuous, especially for women. Back in 2011, it took three months to make a working model and eventually, it evolved as what is known today– Laaibah roti maker. The best news is all the models of this device are available within an affordable price range. Different kinds of chapattis, including normal wheat roti, vegetable roti, Indian butter roti, cheese roti, egg paratha, gobi paratha, luchi and fuchka, can be made using this appliance. There are some electric chapatti makers available in the local market, but those do not much fit to the requirements of the Bangladeshis. “whenever someone learns about the appliance, they order for one from across the country and even from abroad,” adding that people from a number of countries, including the UK, the USA, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Bhutan, have already bought the device from him, despite such a huge demand for his invention.

                                                                            After selling service & support

we believe after selling service & support, that is why we shall provide guaranty and warranty. We provide various types of guaranty and warranties based on different types of models.

We have total 5 models; these are:

1) small 300 mode; we shall not provide any guaranty or warranty.

2) small 675 model: we shall provide a one-year replacement guaranty and five years warranty.

3) stylist 710 model: we shall afford a one-year replacement guaranty and eight years warranty.

4) standard 725 model: we shall provide two years replacement guaranty and lifetimes services warranty.

5) customized model: we shall provide two years replacement guaranty and lifetimes services warranty.

Our team:

·      Md. Humayun kabir (Inventor & CEO)

·      Mrs umma kulsum (Director)

·      Feertiya Aarfiin Bony (Deputy sales manager)

·      Alamgir (factory manager)