How to find Orginal Ruti Maker?

At present, diabetes is very common in Bangladesh. Doctors advise eating bread two times a day to control diabetes. However, many people find it troublesome work to make bread. Keeping this in mind, Humayun Kabir, an innovator from Magura district, invented the wooden machine, with which anyone can easily make bread of his/her choice. He named it laaibah rutimaker. During our first visit, Humayun Kabir showed how easy it would be to make very nice bread with his machine. Humayun from bunagati villages of shalikha Upazila of magura district was filled with pride for inventing the machine. After a long time, on Friday (February 18, 2017), we again met the inventor. This time, he expressed his frustration. He said, copying his machine, many people made fake ruti makers and selling in the market. But due to defects in measurement and technical difficulties, good bread (ruti) cannot be made properly with these fake machines. Consequently, feeling cheated, the customers are losing interest in his ruti makers. This is the point of his disappointment.

Claiming to be the inventor of the world’s first non-electric ruti (bread) making the machine, Humayun Kabir told us that no one could invent this machine before him. Those who are making these machines after him are actually imitating him. But in their machines, there are defects in dimension, which is why customers cannot make bread in the right size and shape with these fake machines (rutimaker). He said he had been trying to get a patent for his rutimaker. He said, once he got the patent, he could take legal action against the adulterous people. During the conversation, Humayun Kabir narrated the differences between his invented laaibah rutimaker and other ruti (chapatti / khabuz / tortilla) maker makers.

Humayun Kabir said, “in 2011, I invented the wooden machine to make bread /roti and named it ‘laaibah rutimaker.’ after that, i have done many types of research in the last seven years. After i had started to sell it in the market, many adulterous people tried to duplicate my product in the last few years. But none of them succeeded although they succeeded to cheat the customers. Because they thought this wooden device to be just as simple as ordinary furniture, and did not even bother to use the methods and materials used in laaibah rutimaker. They are making the machine in the wrong way and selling in the market. They are not using the right wood in one hand, there are technical errors on the other hand. Consequently, bread (roti) made with such fake rutimakers (machines) is not evenly thick and round.  Thus, most of the customers are being cheated and come to the laaibah rutimaker office to complain. Many of them said that they bought the product made as laaibah ruti maker“


Misconceptions made by mistake:

“laaibah rutimaker looks like anyone can easily make it, but actually it’s not. This is a very complex device with intricate measurement– anyone who has tried to copy it has made mistake. Actually, they do not know the correct method and proper measurement. And they do not use good quality timber and the right process of seasoning. As a result, their counterfeit devices become dysfunctional. At the beginning of my quest of making a useful rutimaker, I tested about 23 different types of wood and found mahogany and acacia (babla) to be the best. Besides, the measurement of the shape and size is the most important part of the process. Without proper measurement of each part, the machine will look perfect but it will not be useful.”

“assembling the parts is also a very difficult work, which no one can do without receiving training. I trained the craftsmen for five years – even 20 to 25 out of each 100 machines they make are rejected.  We do not sell these rejected machines. So feel the secret? I made the subtle drawing with intricate measurement after five years of perseverance and no one know that.”

“in addition, the counterfeiters use color, gala, cuff, resin, etc that are harmful to health. Besides, they advise using oil. Some people are using thick PVC and plastic sheets. Consequently, users fall in serious health risks.”

Customers are being cheated by purchasing fake bread makers:

“most of the customers give more importance to the design, finishing, color, etc of the device. But they never bother to check the efficiency, usefulness, and proper measurement of the machine. Counterfeit makers take advantage of this customer trend.  Interestingly enough, the new counterfeiters are duplicating the previous counterfeiters. Therefore, the counterfeit devices have changed so much in shape and size. The 300-square-foot food content paper (cling film/food wraper) that is offered with laaibah rutimaker is an essential component of the device. These papers are given thinking of health issues. Cds, manual books, tapes, etc are also provided with laaibah ruti maker. But the fake ruti makers do not provide these things properly.”

“some of those who are selling counterfeit rutimakers are advertising on the internet and their goods are cheap. Apparently, there is no difference between the original and counterfeit ruti makers from their images available online. Then how to distinguish the original ruti maker? This is a bit difficult task. For example, there is no way to understand on the internet who gives you 300 square feet of japanese food content papers and who gives simple polythene. Moreover, until you purchase, you do not know which ruti maker will help you easily make perfect ruti.  Thousands of fake ruti makers are being made in hundreds of places of Bangladesh every month, while only 200/300 original laaibah rutimakers are made. Many of these fraudsters are selling the rutimakers in the name of laaibah rutimakers and cheating customers, and at the same time, ruining the reputation of laaibah rutimakers.

The reason for the uneven thickness of ruti / bread made with fake rutimakers:

“every type of timber has its own features and it is important to know the differences between those features. If you make a rutimaker machine – initially you may make rutis with even thickness and proper round shape, but after 2-3 months, the thickness of the bread will not be even.

The reason is that the wood moisture level of the machine is not adjusted between 11 to 13 percent adapting Bangladesh's weather. To adapt to the weather, you need to leave the machine for at least 4/5 months after you make it instead of selling to the customers and then the moisture level is adjusted 100% and then quality is controlled in several levels – my counterfeit friends do not know this procedure. The price of the ruti makers made in this way will be a bit higher but the customer will not be cheated. The machine will durable.”

The specialty of laaibah ruti maker:

“with laaibah rutimaker, we can easily make ruti and ruti-type various foods such as ruti of raw flour, ruti of boiled flour, ruti of rice-flour, singara, luchi, etc. The machine is completely made of wood. The taste is the same as the conventionally made ruti. Bread can be made in a short time and it is so easy that even children can make bread with it. There are many complaints with the foreign electric ruti makers, such as you cannot make ruti of rice-flour, boiled flour, etc. But, there is now complaint with laaibah rutimaker.”

How to know the laibah rutimaker:

“laaibah rutimaker is marketed with the packaging of international standards. The addresses of the factory situated at bunagati, magura and the office situated on the 3rd floor, siddik tower, west agargaon (no. 67), Dhaka including the company’s barcode are inscribed on the carton. The carton contains Japanese food content papers, CDs, manuals, and tapes. An aluminum sticker of the logo is attached to the wooden ruti maker. With laaibah rutimaker, you can make rutis of 8 inches to 8 and a half inches diameter under very little pressure and rutis can be made as thin as paper. But, with fake ruti makers, this is not possible. “


The market of laaibah ruti makers:

“although laaibah rutimakers was invented in the year 2011, it marketed in 2014. Our products are being equally praised at home and abroad. Our products are regularly being exported to the uk. Apart from this, our products have been exported to USA, Australia, and some countries in Europe.”

Finally, Humayun Kabir called upon the countrymen and the government to resist the counterfeiters, saying that many creative works in the country are being done. But because of the adulteries, those good works are not seeing the light. If people do not stand together against them, creative people will lose interest in creative work. Many prospects would go astray.


Laaibah rutimakers website: Buyers are warned through the youtube channel and the official Facebook page and laaibah ruti maker factory.

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