Process of making wheat flower ata’s parata

1.   First make ruti, and then add oil/ dalda / butter fold into a large four / three angle shapes.

2.   Off the upper plate of laaibah ruti maker put the ball in middle of lower plate.

3.   Then stand in a higher place and press the ruti maker handle for 1/ 1 ½ seconds, when you see the ruti spread to either side then stop pressing and lift it and also lift the upper plate from knob, so to get a nice four angle fried ruti.

4.   Then let the ruti be backed / fried by oil/ dalda/ butter on pan.

N.b.: our machine can make three angle, four angle and round parata. For three angle and four angle parata make a round ruti oil it and fold into large three/four shapes, apply press not more than one second, remember if more pressure it will become a round shape like moon.