Process of making boil maida’s parata

1.   Add required amount of oil in bowl and keep it for half an hour. When it become softy, it is ready for making maidas parata by laaibah ruti maker.

2.   First make ruti, and then add oil/ dalda / butter fold into a large four / three angle /round shapes.

3.   Off the upper plate of laaibah ruti maker put the ball in middle of lower plate.

4.   Then stand in a higher place and keep the ruti maker handle for 1/ 1 ½ seconds, when you see the ruti spread to either side stop pressing and lift it and also lift the upper plate from knob, so to get a nice four angle fried ruti.

5.   Then let the parata be backed / fried by oil/ dalda/ butter on pan.

N.b.: add little oil on both plates after two three rutis. So the plates do not stick. Remember our machine is not appropriate for non boiled maida’s ruti (wheat flour).