Process of making boil maida’s ruti

1.   First boil water in a pot then add flour suitable salt and some drops of oil prepare for 1/2 minutes. When bottom of the pan become radish then take off and mix it for a while. Keep it some time and massage well.

2.   Make a full of table tennis ball size flour from dough and round it like a ball.

3.   Off the upper plate of laaibah ruti maker put the ball in middle of lower plate.

4.   Then stand in a higher place and press the ruti maker handle for 2/3 seconds, when you see the ruti spread to either side stop pressing and lift it and also lift the upper plate from knob, so to get a nice ruti.

5.   Take the ruti on hand and add flour around it (so it puffs well) and let it be backed fried on pan.

N.b.: add little oil on both plates after two three rutis. So the plates do not stick. Remember our machine is not appropriate for non backed wheat flour ruti.