How to change ruti paper

You must change the ruti paper of laaibah ruti maker every 20/25 days. And if you do not use the machine for 5/7 days, you also must change it to avoid fungus.

1.   To change the ruti paper, hold the paper from the hinge side of the upper plate and torn it by drawing upward. Remove all paper pieces but remember there is tape added around both plates (which is not clearly seen in necked eyes). Never remove the tape. (see details on the picture)

2.   You can find a white round both side adhesive tapes. Take 15 small pieces each quarter-inch size.

3.   Attach the pieces around the plates (where the ruti papers are attached) and remove the upper cover of white tape.

4.   Put the ruti paper roll on the lower plate and attach the ruti paper corner on the upper plate and cut the required ruti paper from the roll. Then pull the paper downward to attach with the machine and cut off an extra parts from the machine.

5.   Follow the same procedure for changing ruti paper in the lower plate but it can be done using cross position. (though detail is given on the picture, if confused, please see the video demonstration).