Which flour is healthy?

In market there are many kinds of packet flour, the manufacturers claim their own product as good. But we recommend you to eat directly red flour (whole grain’s flower) by purchasing pure wheat and powering it at grinding mills or purchase quality packet whole grain’s flower from the market. If it is also not possible for you, use a mixture adding equal half of red flour (whole grain’s flower) to packet flour, because it has all qualities of red flour. In packet flour there is more amount of corn flour than wheat flour and it does not have any fiber as such it is not helpful for human body as the red (whole grain’s flower) flour can do it. You can also testify the red flour in different ways:

1.   Add a little amount of black cumin (full of three fingers for 10 rutis).

2. Sometime using a little amount of radhuni, it will increase test of ruti. Use half/one finger full for 10 brads.