Long gone are the days when women would spend most of their hours in the kitchen – preparing fresh meals, serving them hot, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and then again preparing for the next meal of the day. Women, today, are becoming more concerned about their careers. And since they are also accountable for other familial responsibilities, a lot lesser time remains for them to cook and serve food. On this reason, various companies introduced a number of kitchen appliances. Ruti maker is one such appliance that has made the lives of many women far easier than ever before. Making it, to be honest, is quite easy and cozy. You have to knead the dough, roll it smoothly using a roller and then cook it on top of a tawa (Fry Pan). Most of the time, rutis aren’t even rolled in the perfect round shape which makes the task even more difficult and the process, very frustrating. The ruti maker enables you to make soft rutis without putting in much effort. All you need to do is knead the dough (there is equipment to do that as well), make small rolls of dough (just like the ones made for traditional ruti making) and put these rolls inside the roti maker one after another. Well, it`s the tricky part – you have to knead the dough a little softer than the regular dough in order to make the rutis with ease. Another notable thing to remember while using the roti maker is that you have to put the dough aside, after kneading, for about an hour before making the rutis.


However, the ruti maker has made the process all the more uncomplicated and conveniently manageable. Not only the career oriented women, but also those who don’t like the fuss and the mess created while making rutis also find a great use of ruti makers in their kitchen counter tops. Throughout the history – ever since electricity was invented – electronic equipment has always helped us save plenty of time as well as efforts. And ruti maker is no different. It is also very much difficult for serving women and students or bachelors who remain in the hostel or somewhere detached from home to prepare ruti. And most of the time they have to take breakfast outside, or having nothing in the morning which is injurious to health. Laaibah Roti Maker makes men’s life comfortable. It saves our time and energy. A Ruti paper like the plastic (PVC Cling Film) used in this home appliance maintains not only the quality and real taste of ruti but also makes the device long lasting as they have to be changed 15-20 days apart.


I have invented this non-electric wooden roti maker in 2011. The greatest advantage of ruti maker is that it saves you a great deal of time which can be further utilized in other important things. It doesn’t require electricity. Anyone can make a ruti with the easy way in 2 seconds. The diabetic or heart disease patients those who want to reduce weight, therefore, ruti (bread / chapatti/tortilla) is the main source of carbohydrate in our diet. Moreover, this device comes with the hassle free operation which means it can be conveniently used by anyone like 2/3 years child or aged person.


In the beginning, you may find it a bit difficult to use the roti maker and may even burn one or two rutis. But after a few drawbacks and more practice, you will certainly master the art of making rutis using the no sweat and no trouble ruti makers. So, it’s time now to bid farewell to the traditional way of making rutis. Give up hard kneading of dough, constantly rolling it and standing in front of the hot stove and enjoy the easy way of making perfect rutis with no trouble and hardship of making rutis at all by my invented ruti maker. This invented ruti maker machine made of wood is quiet heavy and eco-friendly mechanism of making and baking ruti beyond all shadow of doubt.


We the Bengalis generally eat ruti or Paratha in the breakfast. Many eat ruti three times a day as staple meal. So, ruti occupies the second position after only rice in the menu of the Bengalis. Some also eats ruti as diet. Ruti making is an art although troublesome work to many. However, to make the task easy different types of electric machines of different brands are available in the market. But, you cannot make ruti of boiled flour easily with those machines and you cannot find the dashi (local) flavor in the ruties made with those foreign machines. On the contrary, you might have to count a big amount of electric bill at the end of the month due to use of those machines.


To get rid of the hassles of making ruti, I myself a come from village Bunagati of Magura district devised a new machine which I named “Laaibah Ruti Maker” which is a simple machine made of wood. I named it after the name of my little daughter’s birth “Laaibah”. With this handy wooden device you can easily make different types of Ruti such as boiled flour Ruti of Bangladeshi wheat, boiled rice flour Ruti, Vegetable Ruti, Dillika Roti, Egg- Paratha, Kima Paratha, Chapati, kaligira Ruti, Maskolai Ruti, Barley Ruti, Palm Ruti, Sweet Paratha, Indian Butter Ruti, Gobi Paratha, Methi Paratha, Mathar paratah, Palok Paratha, Egg Paratha, Mushroom ruti, Garlic ruti, Bosnian ruti, Homemade Biscuits, Mexican Tortilla, Yeamani Khabuz, luchi, puri, pitha, etc. However, when making Ruti from normal flour (not boiled flour), one or two drops of oil to be used on the Ruti Paper / Wrapper. The specialty of this machine is, you can make 10-15 Ruti’s with it within a minute.


“There are many types of ruti makers in different countries of the world depending different flavors.” The Indians and Chinese have marketed one type of electric ruti maker with which you can only make ruti of normal wheat flour by non boiled water, but you cannot make ruti of boiled wheat flour. That is why many customers of Bangladesh are fed up with Indian or Chinese electric ruti maker. So the foreign exporters find it difficult to market their electric ruti maker in Bangladesh. In fact, those who purchased once, inform the others of the problems of the electric ruti maker.



Bangladeshis have been using traditional Piri Belon (stool and roller) for making Ruti (Bread / Tortilla) for last centuries. Using those traditional tools, only experts can make Ruti (Bread), others cannot easily produce Ruti using those Piri Belon and can’t make round shape Ruti. Specially, making circular, slim, thick, larger and round sized Ruti is difficult for non-experts by traditional product Piri Belon. Notably, 99% Bangladeshis eat this type of Ruti’s mentioned above which can’t make Young Generations Bangladeshi by Piri Belon and others Ruti Maker easily.


My Multi Recipes Ruti Maker can produce a Ruti every 2 seconds. Each Ruti swells appropriately. Approximately 15 to 20 pieces of Ruti per minute can be made by any small children, amateur or expert people with the machine. Even a person can produce pieces of Ruti of different sizes: fat, thick, larger, round, square, rectangular and triangular and smaller, or of any shape the people (chef /cook) wishes.


All age group people including children and teenagers can easily make pieces of Ruti using this Multi Recipe’s Ruti-maker machine which I have invented. And the produced Ruti can easily be made circular. Even the Ruti can be made as per the directions of the recipes. Now, the process of making Ruti is so easy that the children take it as a fun to make Ruti by my invented Novel Boiled Flour Laaibah Ruti Maker.