Bangladeshis have been using traditional PiriBelon (stool and roller) for making Roti for last centuries. Using those traditional tools, only experts can make Ruti (English Meaning Bread), others cannot easily produce Ruti using those Woden Piri Belon and can’t make round shape Ruti. Specially, making circular, slim, larger and round sized Ruti is difficult for non-experts by traditional product Piri Belon. Notably, 99% Bangladeshis eat this type of Ruti’s mentioned above which can’t make Bangladeshis by Piri Belon and others Ruti Maker.


Humayun’s Multi Recipes Ruti Maker can produce a Ruti every 2 seconds. Each Ruti swells appropriately. Approximately 12 to 15 pieces of Ruti per minute can be made by any children, amateur or expert people with the machine. Even a person can produce pieces of Ruti of different sizes: fat, slim, larger, round, square, rectangular and triangular and smaller, or of any shape the people (chef /cook) wishes.


All age group people including children and teenagers can easily make pieces of Ruti using this Multi Recipe’sRuti-maker machine invented by the applicant. And the produced Ruti can easily be made circular. Even the Ruti can be made as per the directions of the recipes. Now, the process of making Ruti is so easy that the children take it as a fun to make Ruti Maker which Invented by Humayun Kabir of Magura District (Inventor & CEO of Laaibah Ruti Maker Factory)


The Inventor has used a hygienic wrapping paper (Cling Film) in the machine and he named it as Ruti paper for Ruti Making. It is used to lift Ruti from the machine’s upper and lower surface and it has to be changed at an interval of 7 to 8 days (approx.). He has used two types of tapes in the machine: self-adhesive and both side tape. The tapes can be used to fit Ruti paper properly.